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Struvicide™ C PM

Alkaline Struvite and Scale Control Solution

STRUVICIDE C PM is a proprietary, non-acid formulation using advanced chelation technologies with alkalinity builders to prevent blockages and buildup caused by struvite, vivianite, and minerals in wastewater treatment process equipment. It breaks the bond between minerals and the substrate by causing disaggregation/deflocculation of the struvite components, allowing specialized additives to carry away the undissolved minerals, preventing struvite formation and reducing corrosion damage. When used in conjunction with a full preventative maintenance flushing program, STRUVICIDE C PM greatly reduces maintenance downtime.

  • Prevents struvite deposits in pipe, exchangers, valves, centrifuges, sludge tanks, screw presses, and other areas of contamination
  • Improves alkalinity, reducing corrosion on tools, tanks, pipe, equipment, scaffolding, fittings, exchangers, and other equipment
  • Inhibits other mineral buildups, including vivanite
  • Does not dissolve minerals
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, no fumes, no polymers
  • Contains no anionic surfactants—assists in dewatering
  • Dosing rates from 100 ppm to 500 ppm
  • Helps to maintain pressures and flow rates through the system
  • Direct replacement to hazardous ferric chloride

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