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Specialty Metalworking Fluids for Demanding Applications

Grignard’s 50 plus years of experience in the metalworking industry illustrates our dedication to serving this market with expert knowledge and solutions for a variety of applications and metals. Grignard products deliver superior, repeatable performance ensuring high-quality machined parts and extending the life of machine tools. Grignard offers the entire spectrum of metalworking fluids to meet specific customer needs—from vanishing and neat oils to coolants and in-process storage coatings.

Grignard also provides precision cleaning solutions to achieve the finish required for customer acceptance in industries ranging from medical to aerospace.

Many metalworking fluids are unique to each customer and we have literally hundreds of formulations—the products shown here represent just a sampling. Contact us to discuss your application and a specialist can match an existing formulation to your needs or tailor a solution using our custom product development methodology.

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Pure-Met EP 105

Extreme Pressure Neat Oil
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Pure-Met EP-NC 104

Chlorine-free, Extreme Pressure Neat Oil
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Pure-Met S-100

Synthetic Neat Oil
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Pure-Van 1

Fastest Vanishing Time
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Pure-Van 3

Superior Rust Protection & Lubrication
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PureCool 17-2 EP

Extreme Pressure Synthetic Water Soluble Coolant
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PureCool EPS 212

Extreme Pressure Semi-Synthetic Water Soluble Coolant
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