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High-Temperature Corrosion Inhibiting EAL Grease

Syncan is an environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL) developed in 1999 as a replacement for petrolatum for marine wire rope applications and container crane running ropes to meet MARPOL compliance. Syncan quickly became a “go-to” solution due to its unique properties, including its abilities to prevent corrosion from salt and acid attack, and remain stable at high temperatures. These unique features made Syncan the premier choice as a blocking compound for static line applications, ranging from guy wires to bridge strands where it is known to provide protection for the life of the cables.

  • High-temperature performance —no migration or leakage > 400° F
  • Prevents corrosion from salts, acids, alkalis, and moisture
  • Excellent for marine applications
  • Proven on running ropes / davits / mooring lines / steel mill applications
  • Proven to provide 7x life to structural strands and guy wires (report available upon request)
  • Guy wires and structural strands manufactured with Syncan never require field corrosion inhibiting treatments
  • Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL), VGP compliant
  • Available as a NLGI 0,1,2
  • Accelerated weathering testing performance (test report available upon request)

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