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Struvicide™ O PM

Organomodified Struvite and Scale Control Solution

STRUVICIDE O REMOVE is a proprietary, organomodified solution that prevents blockages by quickly and effectively dissolving struvite, vivianite, and mineral buildups in wastewater process equipment and piping. Advanced chelating technologies provide secondary inhibition preventing formation of struvite and scale. When used in conjunction with a full preventative maintenance flushing program, STRUVICIDE O PM greatly reduces maintenance downtime. It is a non-hazardous, worker-safe product derived from synthetic, renewable resource materials.

  • Prevents struvite by dissolving buildup in pipe, exchangers, valves, centrifuges, sludge tanks, screw presses, and any other areas of contamination. 
  • Reduces corrosion on tools and process equipment
  • Reduces maintenance and engineering costs and downtime
  • Inhibits other mineral buildups, including vivianite 
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, no fumes, no polymers
  • Contains no anionic surfactants—assists in dewatering
  • Produced from renewable resources, biodegradable
  • Dosing rates from 30 ppm  to 300 ppm
  • Direct replacement for hazardous Ferric Chloride

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