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Grignard has a long history of serving the marine industry, from work boat operations to marine and offshore oil production to cruise ships and pleasure vessels. Our high-performance wire rope products optimize performance and protection for mooring lines, running lines, tow lines, and davit lines. Our specialty lubricants extend the life of open gears in harsh marine environments. Our EPA Safer Choice-certified cleaners and degreasers, and solvent alternatives are used to clean everything from bilges and decks to docks and machinery. And we back up everything we sell with comprehensive technical and compliance support.

Grignard is a leading provider of environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) meeting VGP (vessel general permit) requirements, as well as direct release to the environment technologies.

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Air Tool Oils and Antifreeze

Lubricants for Compressed Air and Pneumatic Tools
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Aggressive, Versatile Detergent
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ClearView Series

Industrial Strength Hard Water Stain/Mineral/Oxidation Removal Technologies
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DIRRECT Power™ Blue

Quick Rinse, High-Efficiency Cleaner
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DIRRECT Power™ Gold

Degreaser - Wastewater Discharge Compliant
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DIRRECT Power™ Green

Quick-Split Non-Emulsifying Cleaner
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DIRRECT Power™ Yellow

Mineral Descaler, Salt & Efflorescence Remover
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OLL 52.5

Corrosion Inhibiting Grease for Extreme Conditions
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PureLube GL

Light Water Displacing Lubricant
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Syncan OG

High Temperature Open Gear EAL Grease
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Fully Synthetic EAL Open Gear Grease
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