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Grignard is a leading supplier of coatings and corrosion protection solutions to the bridge and tower industry. Our custom-developed coatings, blocking agents, and penetrating corrosion inhibitors have been used on some of the most iconic bridges and steel structures, extending the life of critical components while reducing maintenance costs. To ensure your success, we provide comprehensive technical, application and compliance support.

Our partnership with Rust-Oleum® Industrial Brands offers Grignard customers direct access procurement of high-performance coatings that meet environmental and VOC regulations, while dramatically reducing application costs. Grignard offers comprehensive, on-site support and in-stock warehousing for rapid delivery. Browse Rust-Oleum® products.

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3300 System Acrylic Aliphatic Urethane

High Performance, High Gloss Enamel
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3700 System DTM Acrylic Enamel

High Performance Industrial Coating
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9100 System DTM Epoxy Mastic

Durable Epoxy Coating
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9700 System 250 VOC Acrylic Polyester Urethane

Long Lasting Protection with Low VOCs
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DIRRECT Power™ Gold

Degreaser - Wastewater Discharge Compliant
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DIRRECT Power™ Yellow

Mineral Descaler, Salt & Efflorescence Remover
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Grikote Z Complex 2C

One-Part Multiple Barrier Corrosion-Resistant Paste
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MetaPrime® Epoxy Primer

Extends Coating Life
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Ultra-Rugged Protection
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Pegalink™ Primer

Primer for Industrial Substrates
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Long-Lasting Corrosion Protection
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Rust-O-Zinc Inorganic Zinc Rich Primer

Excellent Corrosion Resistance
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Rust-O-Zinc Organic Zinc Primer

Maximum Corrosion Protection
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Sierra Performance MetalMax® Plus DTM Acrylic Enamel

Corrosion Protection with No VOCs
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Solv-It Series

Synthetic Non-petroleum Solvent Alternatives
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