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ClearView Series

Industrial Strength Hard Water Stain/Mineral/Oxidation Removal Technologies

Grignard’s ClearView series offers a range of solutions for cleaning hard water stains, mineral buildup, oxidation, and rust stains on glass and other surfaces. Powerful cleaning additives and detergents provide exceptional ease of use. ClearView cleaners are used by industry professionals.

Choose the ClearView product to meet your requirement:

ClearView 100

Non-hazardous, Pumice-based Water Stain Remover
  • Ultrafine polishing compound
  • Removes stage 1, 2 and 3 hard water and rust stains/mineral buildups
  • Best-in-class performance for stage 3 severe stains
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic
  • May be utilized with an automated buffer or by manual application
  • Excellent for all severe stain cleaning operations, regardless of contaminant
  • Specially engineered cleaning pads prevent damage to glass surfaces during polishing operations for stage 3 hard water and rust stains/mineral buildups
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ClearView 200 Wipes

Industrial Use Water Stain Removing Wipe
  • Industrial use only—proprietary aggressive acid solution
  • Easy-to-use textured wipes—reduces exposure
  • Preferred by leading industry professionals
  • Effectively removes stage 1 and 2 moderate hard water/ oxidation stains
  • Excellent for all elevated cleaning operations—rappelling, scaffolding
  • Used widely in the automotive detailing industry for glass, fiberglass, and chrome applications
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ClearView 300

Industrial Use Hard Water Stain and Mineral Removing Acid Blend
  • Industrial use only—proprietary aggressive acid solution concentrate
  • Dilutable for severity of application
  • Removes stage 1 and 2 moderate hard water stains
  • Provides a restorative effect
  • Outperforms Winsol Crystal Clear 550
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