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Water Slide / Fiberglass Restoration and Maintenance Solutions

Grignard’s SlideCare system is a labor-reducing restoration and preventative maintenance solution for the amusement and water park industry that eliminates time-consuming buffing and waxing. SlideCare products may be used individually, or as a two-step process depending on the severity of the surface preparation.

The SlideCare system protects water slide surfaces from damaging UV exposure, improves appearance, and reduces future hard water mineral buildup after treatment, extending service life. Best performance obtained when treating equipment at the end of the season for protection throughout the off-season. Very effective during initial pre-season maintenance operations.


Hardwater & Mineral Remover

Industrial use only, proprietary formulation utilizing aggressive acids and wetting agents that dissolve Stage 1 and Stage 2 mineral buildups. Let the chemical do the work by immediately dissolving the mineral buildups. If minerals are not completely removed, refer to SlideGrit as the minerals have chemically bonded with the fiberglass / slide.

  • Industrial use only—liquid mineral remover
  • Dissolves Stage 1 and 2 minerals, oxidation, hard water stains
  • Rinse after use to wash away dissolved minerals and contaminants


Mineral Deposit Polish & Remover

SlideGrit is an ultrafine, biodegradable polishing compound specifically formulated for removing severe Stage 3 mineral deposits and buildup that chemical treatments cannot remove efficiently. SlideGrit utilizes an engineered polishing pad specifically designed for removal of mineral buildup without damaging the fiberglass.

  • Utilized for severe mineral buildup and fiberglass degradation
  • Removes Stage 2 and 3 mineral deposits and oxidation.
  • Rinse after use to wash away dissolved minerals and contaminants
  • Smooths away imperfections to prep for sealing

SlideSlip Restore

Fiberglass Protector Without the Buffing

SlideSlip Restore is a nanotechnology copolymer finishing treatment that seals the imperfections of the fiberglass and restores new life and appearance. SlideSlip Restore reduces future mineral buildup, reduces future maintenance cost, and aids water flow.

  • Retains slide gloss by >95%
  • Increases water flow by 50%
  • Protects from UV rays
  • Not affected by chlorine
  • Reduces future calcium deposits and mineral buildup
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